Where Wonder Was Born

The Spirit of Nature Alive in Our Hearts


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Memory is a child walking along the seashore.
You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up
and store away among its treasured things.

- Pierce Harris


Do you recall a moment from your childhood when the world opened itself to you? Where you felt alive with wonder and maybe even sensed that first spark of what you would later call spiritual awareness? For many people of my generation, those first  moments of genuine wonder often took place in hidden corners of our parent's or grandparent's gardens, or in the woods near our homes... some of us remember exploring the banks of streams that were teeming with tadpoles and dragonflies, or family trips to the ocean where the sound of the waves and the vast stretch of the sky put us in touch with something we knew was profound, even if we could not find the words to explain why. Often, those moments stay alive within us throughout our lives - we remember them and recognize in these treasured memories who we truly are - even as adults were all children of "mother nature."


Thanks to the pioneering work of Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods, we now also know about the tragedy that is unfolding around us as we witness the repercussions of depriving our own children of those same kinds of experiences that were so meaningful to us. In an effort to help people understand the depth of that loss, and to reawaken our own sense of reverence and wonder, I am embarking on a project called "Where Wonder Was Born" and I'd like to invite your participation. I am asking people to share their own stories of childhood encounters with nature in the form of 500 -1,500 word long stories that will be posted on the web and then included in a book to be released in the spring of 2011.


The deadline for on-liine story submissions has been extended to May 28, 2010. Stories should be submitted to me via the following email account: gardensoul@gmail.com. I will send you a release that must be returned via snail mail before the stories can be included on-line or in the book.


Please share word of this project within your circle of friends and colleagues, you may be surprised and touched by the stories they hold within.


In gratitude, Tom Spencer





There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter,

the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.

- Elizabeth Lawrence



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