This poem, like "Painting the Annunciation," came to me after participating in a class taught by my friend, Sherry Smith.  Sherry is an art historian and specializes in themes related to the birth of Christ as expressed in art. Here is my take on the nativity.


The Donkey and the Ox

for Sherry Smith


The donkey and the ox,

what a racket they must have made!

Munching on the straw

from the crib in the manger.


Such thick headed beasts!

How did our Savior survive

with all of His toes?

His swaddling free of slobber?


Imagine, if you will,

their warm grassy breath, forming

little clouds that were filled

with His radiance.


And pity poor Joseph,

asleep, off to the side , and Mary

completely exhausted.

For, while resting, they missed


what soft brown eyes sensed:

that before shepherd or angel

or wise man arrived, a feast

had been set for the taking.


 by Tom Spencer

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