haiku and short form poems

by Tom Spencer




on an island

of shade in the mid-day sun

- a stranded cow




meditation retreat -

breaking silence to talk

to a deaf dog




chasing dragonflies-

the little boy stops to check

his empty hand


rare winter sun


rare winter sun

loosening the rusted gate

in the grackle's throat




a passing bus

fills my window with

its emptiness


Pear blossoms


Pear blossoms scattered
on the pavement - white petals
set adrift on an oily stream.


sandaled tourists stopped

by a mockingbird’s song – soon

it will sing in German





one by one these words

fall- paper stars burning in

the fire of your arms




sunday morning, empty streets-

the clicking of unseen heels

against damp pavement



blind man


old blind man on the

street - a pretty little girl

tosses you a glance


only the wind


only the wind flows

through this dry creek bed-

it was your glance

that set me adrift




my breath forms wings

which beat against the glass;

between you and I- this moonlight.




echoing against the

walls of the cave- the

silence of our embrace


empty branches


empty branches

black with rain- but the stream

is filled with gold


cow creek


silhouette of pine against the

moonlit sky- from this motionless

cloud the voice of an owl.


winter sun 2


stretching out to fill

a sliver of sun

as it arcs across the floor-

the cat watches me

through narrowing eyes.


cold front clouds


Cold front clouds
blown taut across the sky-
blue grey skin
stretched thin
over the exposed ribs
of the season.



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