Quotes and Quick Inspiration

Volume One


From Tom Spencer's Soul of the Garden



I do not understand how anyone can live
without one small place of enchantment to turn to.

- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings


Inventories from children's hiding places and from
religious holy places bear remarkable similarity.

- Lynda Sexson


There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.

- Elizabeth Lawrence



Deep within each one of us lies a garden.

- Julie Moir Messervy

Pray for a good harvest, but keep on plowing.

- Nancy Otto



Before enlightenment,
I chopped wood and carried water.
After enlightenment,
I chopped wood and carried water.

- Zen saying


The man who removes a mountain begins by

carrying away small stones.

- William Faulkner




Memory is a child walking along the seashore.

You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up

and store away among its treasured things.

- Pierce Harris



Someone's sitting in the shade today because

someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffet




When a man plants a tree,

he plants himself.

- John Muir


God wants nothing from you but the gift

of a peaceful heart.

- Meister Eckhart




Grant me the ability to be alone,
May it be my custom to go outdoors each day
among the trees and grasses
among all growing things
and there may I be alone,
and enter into prayer
to talk with the one
that I belong to.

- Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav



  The birds have vanished into the sky,
and now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.


- Li Po, translated by

Stephen Mitchell




There is no greater difference between men

than between grateful and ungrateful people.

- R. H. Blyth

If the only prayer you ever say

in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

-Meister Eckhart



Simply trust:
Do not the petals flutter down,
Just like this?

- Issa



At every instant and from every side, resounds the call of Love:
We are going to sky, who wants to come with us?

- Rumi



If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,

our whole life would change.

- Buddha

No one with an unbiased mind

can study any living creature, however humble,

without being struck with enthusiasm

at its marvellous structure and properties.

- Darwin

The beautiful landscape as we know

belongs to those who are like it.

- Muso Soseki, Zen poet


Life to us is a symbol to be lived.

-  Lame Deer


Whatever the state of being

that a man may focus upon

at the end, when he leaves his body,

to that state of being he will go.

- Bhagavad Gita,

translated by Stephen Mitchell

One can make a day of any size
and regulate the rising and setting of his own sun
and the brightness of its shining.

- John Muir

We are a landscape of all we have seen.

- Isamu Noguchi, sculptor and designer of gardens




I'm too religious to believe in religion.

You don't have to believe in a sacred world.

It slaps you in the face.

It's everywhere.


- An eighty-year-old friend of Gretel Ehrlich,

poet and novelist



The ultimate Consciousness
is always present everywhere.
It is beyond space and time,
with not before or after.
It is undeniable and obvious.
So what can be said about it?


The incarnate Word is with us,
is still speaking, is present
always, yet leaves no sign
but everything that is.

- Wendell Berry



Riverbanks lined with

green willows, fragrant grasses:

A place not sacred?



- Zen saying

To what

Shall I compare the world?

It is like the wake

Vanishing behind a boat

that has rowed away at dawn.


- Sami Manzei,

translated by Edward Cranston




Split a piece of wood;

I am there.

Lift up the stone,

and you will find me ...


- from the Gospel of Thomas,

translated by Marvin Meyer



The disciples said to him,

"When will the kingdom come?"

Jesus said, "It will not come if you look for it.

Nor can you say, 'It is here" or 'It is there.'

For the kingdom of the Father

is already spread out over the earth,

but people don't see it."


- from the Gospel of Thomas,

translated by Stephen Mitchell



Autumn's no season for defiance.

- Michael Pollan

Every single thing

Changes and is changing

Always in this world.

Yet with the same light

The moon goes on shining.

- Saigyo

Looking at it, it clouds over;
Not looking, it becomes clear.

- Chora



O Thou, Far off and here, whole and broken,

Who in necessity and in bounty wait,

Whose truth is light and dark, mute though spoken,

By Thy wide grace show me Thy narrow gate.


- To The Holy Spirit, Wendell Berry


Heading East or West, down the
Many years, how often we
have seperated here at
Lo Yang Gate. Once when I left
The snow flakes seemed like flower
Petals. Now today the petals
Seem like snow.

- Farewell to Shen Yuen, by Fan Yun

translated by Kenneth Rexroth

A road might end at a single house,

but it's not love's road.

Love is a river.

Drink from it.


- Rumi

translated by Coleman Barks




Perhaps you have noticed that even

in the very lightest breeze

you can hear the voice of the cottonwood tree;

this we understand is its prayer to the Great Spirit,

for not only men, but all things and all beings

pray to Him continually in differing ways.


- Black Elk


Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak

to the listening heaven.

- Rabindranath Tagore


Your garden will reveal yourself.
- Henry Mitchell



Let the beauty we love be what we do.
- Rumi




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