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Images from 2009


'Merrill' Magnolia blossom - I love deciduous magnolias!


Another view.


This is the Merrill mmagnola leafing out after the blooms faded - tulips coming up.


Close-up of one of the tulips.


Agave detail.


Lesser goldfinch and friend.


Detail Scilla peruviana.


St. Keverne daffodils.


Magnolia 'Jane.'




Texas Redbud in bloom with prayer flags.


A wide view of the redbud.


The conversation room - mid-March.


Agave detail.


Hank Wadell's 'Treebones' and flowering peach.


Clusiana tulip.


Guadalupe of the bluebonnets.


'Firewitch' Dianthus.


Wide view of the back garden - March 22.


Another view of "Treebones."


Sculpture detail.




'Firewitch' Dianthus.


Bluebonnet with intruder.


Our first 'Pat Austin' English rose of the season. - March 24


And the second.


A apricot bearded iris from Boggy Creek Farm.


Looking into Possumhaw Hollow.


And looking out Possumhaw Hollow.


Bluebonnet shadows.


'Colorado' water lilies and dwarf cattails.


White Dianthus.


Newly emerged Gulf Fritillary butterfly.


'Horse crippler' cactus.


Garden 'totem.'


Louisiana Iris 'Full Eclipse.'


Bearded Iris 'Persian Berry.'


Double amaryllis.


After a rain shower.


Close-up red and white amaryllis.


The parterre.


Louisiana Iris - 'Kay Nelson.'


Yellow Louisiana Iris.


The conversation room.


'Cramoisi Supérieur' - a deliciously fragrant antique rose.

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