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Images from 2008


Agave parryi truncata in our circular bed with blue glass mulch.


Potted Texas persimmon with dianthus planted at its base.


Old video reel art.


The allee - January.


Possumhaw berries.


Dr. Merrill magnolia blossom - February.


"Jane" magnolia buds.


"Jane" magnolias in bloom.


Potted magnolia blooming on our patio.


The garden as seen from the patio - mid-March.


"Red Baron" peach blossoms.


Peach trees with "Tree Bones" sculpture by Hank Waddell.


A closer view of "Tree Bones."


Our Lady of the Bluebonnets - March.


"Colorado" water lily.


The "TexZen" garden.


The "Blessing" Event with Khen Rinpoche Tsetan that was held in our garden.


Khen Rinpoche Tsetan, one of the high priests of Tibetan Bhuddhism.


The blessing was intended for those facing life-threatening illnesses like cancer.


Jimmie Dale Gilmore was among the perfomers at the event.


A singing bowl used at the event.


A blessing on our garden too!


The pond - early April.


Wide view over the pond.


"Horse crippler" cactus in bloom.


"Giraffe" Amaryllis.


A wide view of the garden - early April.


Potted Dianthus.


Red Amaryllis.


Our Japanese style "screen" that blocks off the view of our work yard and shed.


"Firewitch" Dianthus.


"Santa Rita" Prickly Pear.


Pat Austin rose.


Pink Amaryllis.


Agave and Bluebonnet in our "Conversation Room."

Pat Austin roses.


Fully open rose.


Desert Willow "Brandy."


Visitors exploring our garden during the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center tour.


Echinacea and tawny daylilies.


More garden visitors.


It was beautiful having so many people exploring the garden!


Salvia guaranitica "Black and Blue."


Santa Rita Opuntia in bloom.


"Ming Porcelain" daylily.


The view across the back of the garden - late May.


Curcuma - 'Aussie Plume.'


Queen butterflies on Eupatorium (mist flower) in August.


Visiting a Tithonia (Mexican sunflower) bloom.


More visitors.


Yellow rain lilies in bloom after a late August storm.


Desert WIllow blooms.


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