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Images from 2007

Buddha with paperwhite narcissus.


Our new patio space.


The shade sail.


Patio pavers.


Mockingbird in his pantry.




Mugo pine.


The view from our roof.


A bright day.


Masked bandit.


Early spring.


New planting bed.


The allee.


Another view from the roof.


Magnolia blossoms.


Lantern and redbud.


A quiet corner.


Peach blossoms.

The transition point between garden and patio.


Stairway into the garden.


"Bath's Pink" dianthus planted in a pot that is tucked into the gravel of our patio.


Blue Jay way.

And speaking of blue... our new agave bed with blue glass mulch.




Spring bloom in one of our flower beds.


Prickly pear bloom.


Tawny daylily.


Rain lily.




Passion vine arbor and Guadalupe.


Passion vine architecture.


Guardian of the pond.




Our new "Tex-zen" rock garden.


Lycoris blooms - August.


A close-up of the Tex-Zen garden.


And another.


Tiger Swallow Tail - September.


Zebra on a Mexican sunflower (Tithonia.)


A Julia Heliconian Butterfly - November.


Camellia sasanqua "Yuletide."


Camellia "Yuletide" close-up.


Bigtooth maple leaves.


Maple leaf "sculpture."


The cypress allee, late autumn.


Possumhaw berries.

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