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Images from 2006

Goldfinches helping themselves to a drink from our birdbath.


Leucojum and oxalis in the early spring.


Possumhaw berries.


A wide shot of the back yard in early March.


Spring star flower.


Butterfly amaryllis.


 Hinkley columbine.


Scilla peruviana.


Tangerine beauty crossvine.


Water lily close-up...


...and wide.


Swallowtail butterfly on dianthus...


...and visiting a waterlily.


Monarch close-up.


Wings open.


Agave lophantha after a spring rain.


White crowned sparrow.


The conversation room in March.


The bluebonnets in our labyrinth.


A wide shot in mid-March.


Graham Thomas 'English' rose.


A wider shot of the conversation room.


Bluebonnets, banana yucca, an nolina.


Lesser goldfinches.


American goldfinch.

The back garden as seen from the roof.


A closer view to the left.


A pair of Graham Thomas roses.


Yellow Louisiana Iris.


Opuntia 'Santa Rita' bloom.


A little shaky - but unmistakably a Painted Bunting!


Gulf Frittilary butterfly.


Anole lizard.


Bee on echinacea.


'Colorado' waterlily.


In late May - our meadow in full bloom.








King (or Queen?) of the pond.


What amazing architecture!


Pat Austin rose.

Hummingbird visiting a Hesperaloe.


Desert Willow "Brandy."


There's a frog in our frog!


Fall obedient flower.


After the first rains of autumn.


Zen circle.


Another view.


"Hey, do you mind?"


Oxblood lilies.


More oxbloods.


Rain lily.


Rain bowl.


Robert MacKay of Mac-Design Build working on our new patio.


The joyful song of our garden.

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