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Images from 2005


The sign made by my Dad for our garden (aka "Possumhaw Hollow.")


Possumhaw berries in early February before the Cedar Waxwings hit.


The Cedar Waxwings in action.


Campernelle narcissus.

King Alfred narcissus.


Ice Follies narcissus.


Do you see a springtime theme developing here?


The Bald Cypress allee in February.


Waves lapping on the shore.


Leucojum or "Spring Snowflakes" close-up.


Red Baron peaches.


A close-up on a sunny day.


St. Francis and blettia ground orchids.



Texas Redbud (with a visitor.)


Magnolia liliflora x stellata "Jane."


Lesser Goldfinches at our feeder.


Keeping an eye on me.


"Cameo" flowering quince.


Bauhinia congesta - Texas Orchid Tree.


A wide shot from our roof in mid-March.


G.G. Gerbing azalea close-up.


The conversation room with 'Pat Austin' English rose.


Louisiana iris.


Sweetpeas growing on a tomato cage.


A wide shot of the veggie patch in late April with sweeetpeas, chard, and cilantro.


Clematis 'Pagoda.'


Passionvine 'Incense.'


Agapanthus in the evening light.


Our new Buddha statue.


Sunflower 'Cappuccino.'


Blue pots on our back deck.


A visitor.


Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' and Bald Cypress trunks.


A Gulf Fritillary butterfly.


A wide shot in mid-July.


An 'Aussie Plume' Curcuma.


A California Sister butterfly.


Our pond.


Cactus in bloom.


Rudbeckia, Crinum asiaticum, and maiden grass in late July.


Tithonia or Mexican Sunflower.


Pale yellow rain lilies after our August showers.


And an orange rain lily...


....and pink.


Amaryllis in August!


A pink oxblood lily.


The arbor on a late summer evening.


A wide shot of the back garden showing our new Savannah holly (center left) and the limestone border we added around the zoysia lawn.


Oxblood lilies (after our mid-September rains.)


Amaryllis in bloom on our back deck.


Stone, fossil, leaves.


A blush of autumn.

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