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Images from 2004

An American Goldfinch visiting on of our feeders.


Narcissus 'Yael.'


A baby squirrel that was dropped by its mother when she was moving it from one nest to another. (He was later rescued by his mom.)


Agave lophantha in winter light.


A 'butterfly' Amaryllis.


Our 'Zen' lighthouse.


Snow! A rare winter snow graced our garden for a few hours on February 14.


Our Bald Cypress allee in the snow.


A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Opuntia (Prickly Pear) in the snow.


Just a few days after the snow... daffodils.


Columbines in full bloom.


Red Baron peaches.


The peach trees in a wider view.


One of our 'circle' beds.


Looking towards Guadalupe from the conversation room.


My retreat class from The Crossings.


The view over the conversation room two weeks later than the picture above.


A Louisiana Iris in bloom.


Groups of Lousiana Iris in flower.


'Pat Austin' English Rose.


Opuntia blooms (early May.)

English Rose and Bluebonnets.


'Colorado' Waterlilies.


Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue.'


'Midnight Blue' Agapanthus.


The largest of the circle beds as seen from the roof.


A wide view of the backyard from the roof.


Looking at little to the right from the previous view.


The entrance of Possumhaw Hollow and our conflower beds as seen from roof.


Agapanthus 'Peter Pan.'




Agapanthus and daylilies.


Heirloom harvest on the summer solstice!


A summertime view through the allee with  Sweet Potato Vine carpeting the ground and Rudbeckia serving as a backdrop.


A grouping of pots at the back of the garden (in the northeast corner.)


The conversation room on a quiet summer afternoon.


Crinum asiaticum.


Pink Oxbloods.


A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.


A female Black Chinned hummingbird.


Close-up of our Agave bovicornuta.


Close-up of Agave lophantha.

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