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Images from 2003

Our Zen lighthouse.




Small agave / hesperaloe bed in our backyard with rosemary in the foreground.


Our "yin-yang" bed with weeping yaupon hollies and oxalis.


Garden art.


Wide view from our Zen garden during the winter.


Did I say winter? The February ice storm.


Red Baron peaches in bloom.


Potted agave and carnation.


Oxalis in bloom.


Mid-way through creating our new "conversation room."


Bluebonnets blooming in the labyrinth.




Goldfinches visiting the arbor and labyrinth.


The conversation room shaping up. Bauhinia congesta (orchid tree) in bloom.


Santa Rita prickly pear.


The "conehead bed."


A visitor to the conehead bed.


Colorado water lily in our pond.




Potted agaves.


The conversation room from the north.


Wide view from the Zen garden (compare with winter  view above.)


The second circular bed in our front yard.

And the third circular bed.


Agave weberi.


The bald cypress allee.


Tawny day lily close-up.


Wide view over pond.


Pink water lily.


Telephoto view of our bald cypress allee.


Telephoto view of the conversation room.


The four circular beds seen from the street.


Rose of Sharon "Diana."


Colorado lily close-up.


Colorado lily with cloud reflections.

Soledad with blooming Rudbeckias.


The tell-tale paw.


Pink water lily from our pond.


Luna and Fez enjoying each other's company (and a garden view.)


The garden as seen from our roof.

Lycoris blooming in the morning light.


Graham Thomas Rose blooming in the bed surrounding the conversation room.


Incense passionvine.


Fall obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana.)


Oxblood lilies blooming after the September rains.


Agave paryii close-up.


Wide shot from our roof.

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