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Images from 2002

Louisiana iris and water lily blooming in our pond.

The view from Possumhaw Hollow.

Telephoto view from the same perspective.

Container with Agave paryii, carnation, red yucca and marbles.

Tawny daylily.

Swallowtail butterflies on echinacea.

Our circular Agave bed in the front yard. Our first real attempt to garden out front.

The large circular space at the end of the allee, seen from the side.

Artichoke bloom.

The cypress allee.

The view from the roof. Possumhaw Hollow is in the upper right.

Our Greek key labyrinth.

Visitors during the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Tour.

Prayer flags left by our tour  visitors.

View over pond towards labyrinth through our new arbor.

Big tooth maple with Fall color.

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