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Images from 2001

This is a picture from early March. We had just begun to extend our pathway infrastructure. The shrubs to the right are the possumhaw hollies that are now planted in a semi-circle, my "possumhaw hollow". The cypress trees of the allee can barely be seen just behind the bird feeder.

This is an earlier shot, taken from our roof. The paths can be seen very clearly here. Victor is standing in what is now  "possumhaw hollow."

This was taken at the same time and offers a good overall view of the south side of the backyard.

This winter view shows our mature lacebark elms. The container plants include an azalea, a camellia, and an agave.


This bed now forms the northern wall of our labyrinth. The young bigtooth maples cast beautiful shadows on our fence every evening. They are under planted with loropetalum and oxalis.

This picture looking through our allee of bald cypress trees was taken in April of 2001. The allee terminates in a circle of crushed granite bordered by limestone. The focal point at the center of the circle is a statue of Soledad, "the Virgin of Oaxaca", which is flanked by a potted agave and an aloe. In the corner to the right, almost hidden behind a "wall" of Will Fleming yaupon, is our zen garden.

The  images above and below were taken from our back deck. The first is angled to the north , the second shows the allee on the south side of the yard. The potted plants include our passion vine, some citrus, and blue fescue.


The statue to the right is a cantera angel from Mexico. Yes, those are marbles in the potted cactus! This statue sits at the terminus of a major crossing axis in the garden and is an important focal point from "possumhaw hollow."

Scott Smith from Aquatic Features with our nearly completed pond.

The view from my roof on a summer afternoon.

The image above was taken in our "coneflower" bed. Echinacea Lynn Lowrey is the purply-pink flower in the foreground; behind them, coreopsis and two different forms of gloriosa daisy are in full bloom.

Gloriosa Daisy Indian Summer in the foreground with Rustic Colors behind.

 Malaysian ground orchids. Purchased in Houston in April, they  bloomed until frost. These beatiful plants bear up to our heat and fairly dry conditions and  loved the dappled shade where they were planted. Unfortuantely, a late winter cold snap in 2002 killed them.

Our Incence passionvine. It is deeply fragrant, though you have to climb a ladder to get to the blooms. (And we have!)

Lilies blooming in our new pond.

My "standing stone" memorial to 9/11 (created on 9/12/01)

Purple fountain grass seed heads.

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