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First Images of our Present Garden

May - December 2000

The first two images are "before and after" shots of our  front yard. The earlier shot was taken before some tree work we had done to brighten the yard and remove dangerous or damaged branches.

A more open view of the house courtesy of a little pruning.

The back yard was a total jungle when we moved in, as you might be able to tell from this "before" picture. Clearing forty trees from the property took over a week! The "after" picture below was taken near the end of the work which completely transformed our backyard and gave me the blank slate that I was looking for.

The image above is the same space as the one pictured below! This is what happens when you remove thirty or forty trees. It actually was very nice before, if you love bamboo, mosquitos, and dense shade. Now, we have enough sun to create our garden. In ten to twenty years our backyard will be shady once again, thanks to the cypress trees you see sitting in the containers under the trees below.

This picture (December 2000) showing me finishing off a bed of weeping yaupon hollies. The crushed granite patio spaces are clearly evident. The granite space behind the wheel barrow  eventually became my garden labyrinth.

A happy gardener, after planting three bigtooth maples, the first plants of our new garden

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