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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- November 2008


Last update: November 28


The "New Morning" -  November  4


November 1 - morning


When will the 21st century begin? For America, I believe the answer is Tuesday. Other nations, most noticeably China, have tried to race into the 21st century, not always successfully, but they have tried. Heck, some nations were in the 21st century before 1999. (Go to Japan and you begin to feel as if our technology is steam powered.) We the people of the United States have had to wait - held back by failed leadership and rigid political and religious dogmas. The impulse was to try to  drag us backwards on oversized oxcarts (known as SUVs) pulled by fear and resentment.


All of that is about to change. Welcome to the 21st century.


Worth revisiting...



This from "Generation We"...



November 4 - morning


When things were not going my way when I was a kid, my Mom would tell me something my Dad had once told her, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." She advised me to seize the opportunities and possibilities inherent in any new day. Today is that "first" new day so many of us have long hoped and prayed for.


We all know that the days ahead will be tough, our country is not exactly in the best shape right now. However, I am convinced that America remains the last best hope of the world and we are going to prove that today.





Be prepared to shed a few yourself: Tears for Obama


November 5 - evening


What a remarkable, amazing, forty-eight hours it has been! I feel elated, grateful, and incredibly proud of my nation. My favorite moment came when I heard from a woman from Greenwood, South Carolina who appreciated my posting the clip above featuring a story from Obama's last stump speech. If you've watched the clip you know that Barack tells a very funny, yet powerful anecdote about Greenwood. The woman told me that she had just returned from voting and about how profoundly moved she was to see her African-American neighbors bringing their children to the polls to witness history in the making. I think we will all remember this day - I too feel "vindicated." Let the 21st century begin!


Celebrations from patriots across the nation... New York:







San Francisco:









And,... Austin, Texas!




An election map showing the final results with the size of the states adjusted for their population. This is what liberation looks like in blue and red!


November 10 - morning


Glorious fall color at Lost Maples State Natural Area.


We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Lost Maples and I am happy to report that it was one of the best years for color in the 20+ years that I have been going there. The canyons we are blazing with different shades of red, yellow, gold, and orange. Here are a few of the 250 images I shot...



A slope along the "Maple Trail."




Some of the trees had reallly deep color tones.



A side canyon with a leaf-filled stream.



Like stained glass...




Along the Maple Trail.



More stained glass...




...still more.



A spray of green...



Vibrant colors...



One of the larger maple groves.




Like New England...




A friend, Kyle, with his new pooch - Brodie.








A Mexican persimmon with its smooth silver bark glowing in the sun.



Small town scene.


November 23 - morning


One of the canyon's at Lost Maples.


It is a drizzly cool morning here in Austin. I have a busy day ahead of me with the AAIM Thanksgiving Service and Celebration later in the day. The fall color in our garden looks great against the grey skies. I'll include images of our garden soon. But in the meantime, I have been editing more of my Lost Maples images and wanted to share them with you...



Brilliant color...



Mossy trunk and colorful leaves.



A maple grove.


More eye-popping color.



A large Lacey Oak, one of my favorite species of tree and a prominent resident of the Lost Maples area.


November 28 - evening


Notre Dame, Paris.


No, I did not celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris! (Damn!) However, I did complete a new Images of Paris page for my website. Hope that you enjoy your visit to the City of Eternal Light!


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