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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- October 2010


Last update -  October 28


Lesser Goldfinch


October 28 - morning


I had the opportunity to briefly visit my old garden this past weekend - it was a very brief and "functional" visit - I went to retrieve a package that had been sent to my old address. While I was there, one of the new owners accompanied me as I strolled around the garden. I was pleased to see that they were beginning to make the space thier own and had added some fine new features. I was also surprised by how much everything had grown in this rainy year - the cypress allee is beginning to really tower over the garden and all of the other trees have grown significantly. We visited briefly about some of the maintenance issues of the moment, and while we were talking I could hear a pair of lesser goldfinches calling to one another in the background. These little birds were my favorite regular visitors to the garden and it was nice having that moment to reconnect with them. I hear lesser goldfinches from time to time at my new garden, but I have yet to be successful luring them in with my feeders. Patience. Patience.


Once again, I feel compelled to explain my absense from these pages, but, frankly, I'd rather not. Many people have tried to read sadness, loss, or some other emotional malady into my "break". I appreciate the concern, but it is misplaced. I am very happy - but very busy with new projects and hope to unveil a few of them in the coming months. I will occasionally post things here - images and reflections from my travels and my current garden, when time allows. In the meantime - I wish you peace.


If you keep a green bough in your heart, the singing bird will come.

      - Chinese saying



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