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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- October 2009


Last update -  October 21


An Image from September - oxblood lilies in bloom.

October 21 - morning

Listening to the rain... a beautiful sound to wake up to.

Good morning. It has been too long since I have have shared anything with you about the big news that I am selling my beloved garden and home. I appreciate those who have written expressing concern and offering consoling words. The good news is that I am doing just fine and our home is under contract after being on the market for less than two days. Even better, the buyers  love the garden and seem to come from a family with gardening roots. Yaaaaah!

The past month has been extremely hectic for me and the coming weeks will be too. However, I promise to keep posting and gardening. In a few days I will be moving back to a small condominium near the center of town where I gardened for over 16 years. It will be fun restoring that garden before the next big adventure.

Thanks again for all of the notes.

Peace to you all from Possumhaw Hollow.

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