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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- May 2010


Last update -  May 26


From in front of my childhood home in Fishkill, New York. More New York images below.


May 19 - morning


Sorry about the long quiet here at Soul of the Garden. The past month has been intensely busy for me. The organization that I lead, AAIM, had its biggest event ever (thank you!) the Hope Awards - on May 4, and following that, I took a week off to go to my hometown in New York to shoot more images for my upcoming book, Where Wonder Was Born. Below you'll find a lot of my favorite images from the trip plus a few from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's "Gardens on Tour" event.





Poppies from a Tarrytown garden.



Mexican feather grass in another Tarrytown garden.




A wonderful garden bench / planter in the same Tarrytown garden.



An inviting formal space (from Gardens on Tour.)




Taken the evening I arrived back in New York. This is the eastern end of the Fishkill Ridge - the line of mountains that were framed by the "picture window" of my childhood home.
































A wide view of the Fishkill Ridge. Mount Beacon on the far right got its name because the Revolutionary Army used its summit as a place for signal fires.



Fishkill Ridge with meadow grass.



Morning light.



Wild violets along one of the trails on the Fishkill Ridge. I spent two days hiking its extensive trail system. Thanks to Scenic Hudson for saving the ridge!




Wild azalea along a trail.



Native Orchid - a Moccasin Flower or Lady's Slipper.



Mountain brook.



A view of the Hudson, the Shawagunk Ridge, and the Catskills from the top of the Fishkill Ridge.



Looking south from the Fishkill Ridge into Putnam County.



A wide view of the Hudson and the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge.



I visited two fabulous gardens when I was in New York and will have many more pictures to post. This comes from Stonecrop Garden in Cold Spring.




Narcissus walk at Stonecrop.



Storm King Mountain and the Hudson. (For scale that is a large passenger day cruiser on the river.)




The Hudson from the middle of the Bear Mountain Bridge.



Black Creek Preserve - another Scenic Hudson preserve.



In the Catskills near Woodstock.



Catskill stream.



Mist rising in the Catskills near Woodstock.



This stream ran through the property of the hotel where I was staying in Woodstock.



I spent one rainy day in Manhattan. After spending a few hours in the Museum of Modern Art I wandered around Midtown.



The new Bank of America tower in Midtown.



Times Square.



St Patrick's Cathedral.


May 26 - morning


The pond at Innisfree Garden - Millbrook, NY.


Good morning - here are a few more images from my most recent trip back to HudsonValley (where I learned you can go home again!) Most of these image come from Innisfree Garden - a superb Chinese "cup" garden that is open to the public. I spent a very tranquil spring afternoon there and highly recommend it to anyone visiting the region. You'll also find some images from a rainy day I spent in midtown Manhattan below.






Pondside textures.



Exposed rock cliff with an azalea in bloom.



Seeping springs, native stone and plants.







At the base of the "cup" a serpentine stream and pond adjoin the larger natural pond.



The stream.






Standing stone.











Rockefeller Center.



Times Square.



Bryant Park with one of my favorite NY buildings - the old American Radiator building (to the right) which is now a hotel.


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