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A Garden Journal -- May 2005

Last Update: May 20

La Villita, San Antonio.

May 12 - morning

I am sorry about my absence over the course of the past few weeks... my life has been exceptionally hectic. I have been shooting additional footage for my documentary on the Spanish colonial missions of Texas and working on a special series on spirituality for my local program, Austin Now.

The big garden news is that we received nearly three inches of rain earlier in the week, a much needed respite from our recent dry weather. I will update the website with new garden images soon. In the meantime, here are a few pics from a recent trip to San Antonio...


Mission Concepcion at sunset.
















A doorway at Mission Concepcion.


Concepcion among the palms.


Part of my crew, Dutch Rall and Jerin Crandell.




















The dome of Concepcion.


Quote from Theodore Dreiser, art work by Gary Sweeney, San Antonio Museum of Art parking lot.
















The San Antonio Public Library.


Art deco neon.

May 15 - morning

The garden is really looking lush after the rains - our daylilies are all beginning to bloom, the echinaceas and coreopsis are approaching the height of their season, the agapanthus are all sending up their flower spikes, and the roses have been going nuts... I have a few projects planned for the day, but my schedule has been so hectic that I am going to reserve a few hours for doing absolutely nothing besides enjoying my peaceful little kingdom. Here are a few new pics...

A pass-along clematis that was given to me years ago. Does anyone recognize the species? If so, be in touch.


A wide shot of the allee.


Graham Thomas rose.

May 16 - morning

Here are a few more pictures from my recent San Antonio excursion...

A detail from of the front of Mission Concepcion.


A beautiful covered porch in front of the library at Concepcion.


The Bexar County Courthouse with San Antonio's signature skyscraper.


A detail from the Guadalupe Neighborhood Community Arts Center building on the west side of San Antonio.

May 20 - evening

I took the day off from work and spent the better part of the day cleaning things up in the yard and garden.  I accomplished a great deal and now have that satisfied, but exhausted feeling that comes from a good day of labor. The weather is decidely summery - hot even, and for the first time I really found myself missing the shade of the lacebark elms we cut down in January. I don't regret the fact that we removed them (after all, I weeded out over 100 of their weedy little seedlings today) but it does make me anxious to plant our replacement shade tree. I think we have settled on a chinkapin oak. Now, I just need to find the perfect specimen, I really prefer those with long narrow leaves with very distinct serration, We'll look for one in the fall - planting time.

If you have the chance, check out Austin Now tonight at 8:30 or Sunday afternoon at 4:30 for the first in a series of personal 'reflections' on spirituality that I produced. You'll see lots of images from our garden and some gorgeous imagery from Hamilton Pool.

In the meantime, here are a few new pics from the garden...

Close-up of echinaceas backed by chartreuse sweet potato vine.


The allee at sunset.


A telephoto shot of the south side of the allee.


Echinaceas anyone?


Yucca pallidas in bloom.


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