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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- April 2010


Last update -  April 22


Cactus blooming along the Willow City Loop - see April 22 below.


April 8 - morning


Stained glass window - Praha.


I had the great pleasure of leading a tour through to the "Painted Churches" this past weekend - the first time I have doen this in three of four years. It felt like I was visiting old friends. I hope you enjoy this brief photographic tour. BTW, KLRU-TV, Austin's PBS affiliate just began streaming the documentary I produced about the churches here.



Celestial colors of Dubina.



Interior of Moravia. Wish this church was open to the public!




High Hill.



Detail in Moravia - the sweetest detail in any of the churches (in my book.)




Baptismal in Dubina.




Cemetery Angel.




Wildflowers - blue eyed grass.








In an old dance hall in Schulenberg.


April 18 - morning


Cedar waxwing in our Savannah Holly.


It is a fairly cool and humid morning following a day of intermittent showers and storms. The garden is emerald green and everything seems to have grown a foot in just the last few days. I am enjoying a fairly quiet weekend - a rare thing for me, and hope to head out into the Hill Country in a short while to hunt for wildflowers. I am hoping the sky lightens just a bit for the pictures. I also hope your spring is going well and that you find some particular thing to love today.



They have long since stripped every berry out of the garden.



Sunning on a cool morning.



Mexican plums. (From March.)



Titmouse on the birdhouse outside of my home office window.


Gathering food for the nestlings.





























Checking in on the brood.


April 22 - morning


Ranch road between Johnson City and Fredericksburg.


I really just want to say one thing this morning: go!



Same scene as above taken earlier in the day.



Ranch Road 1323.



The old Sandy School house. 



Along the Willow City Loop.



Waves of color.



A little closer.



Willow City Loop.



Love this image! Monet comes to the hills.




Willow City Loop. (WCL)













Willow City Loop - poppies and bluebonnets.



Cedar, Oak, Mesquite, poppies, grass, bluebonnets, repeat...















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