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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- April 2009


Last update -  April 28


Amaryllis blooming on our back patio.


April 2 - morning


A cool front just blew through pushing heavy showers in front of it. I woke up early hearing the rain pounding on our metal roof - what a great sound! I can't wait to go out and check the rain gauge! I am beginning to think that we may have left the drought pattern behind us... dare I hope? Regardless of that, the photo frenzy of March continues unabatted. Here are the latest pics...



Red Amaryllis.



The latest additon - a teepee arbor. I'll be planting a vine on it soon.



One of our new Louisiana irises.




Another view. Don't know the name of this one - it may be 'Honey Galore.' Any Louisiana Iris experts out there?



Our hollies are all abuzz with hundreds of bees.



Sit a spell...



An agave in our conversation room appears to developing some variegation.



I love the cabbagey form of the English roses - this is Pat Austin.


April 3 - morning


A Red and white amaryllis blooming in a pot on our patio. Love this one!


The spring flower show continues...


After the rain.



Louisiana Iris 'Kay Nelson."



In a different light.



Bluebonnets around our parterre of boxwood, mist flower, and amaryllis (still not blooming.)



In the conversation room.


April 8 - evening


Purple Louisiana Iris in our pond.


Spring is still unfolding! Enjoy...


Looking into the 'conversation room' with a Sabal texensis palm in the foreground.



'Cramoisi Supérieur' - a deliciously fragrant antique rose.




Yellow Louisiana Iris.



I had this form of iris in my garden(s) for the past twenty years - love it!



Guadalupe of the bluebonnets redux.



In the morning light.


April 12 - morning


Pat Austin Rose.


A band of showers just passed through leaving us with a wet start to this Easter morning. I have had a quiet weekend and I am looking forward to getting together with some friends later in the day. I hope that you are with folks that you love - or at least have access to a garden! Peace.




I've never had a happier rose than Pat Austin - it is not as fragrant as some English roses, but wow, I love that color!






Graham Thomas - another English rose.



'Savannah Sunset' bearded iris.




'Royal Knight' bearded iris.



An heirloom variety of canna lily - don't know the name.



I see these around Austin fairly often. I got mine at the Mayfield Park Garden Symposium and plant sale. If you know the variety name, please be in touch.


April 15 - morning


Santa Rita Opuntia coming into bloom.


Happy "T" Day... oh, never mind!


Tea Party Insanity



Wide view from one of our circles.



Prickly Pear bloom. (Opuntia Santa Rita)






Our new garden "totem."



A wide shot of our amazing Pat Austin rose.



I can't resist these pictures!




Graham Thomas rose.



'Savannah Sunset' iris.


A very happy Gerber Daisy.






Our "blue circle."



Our Manfredas are gearing up!



Ahhhh.... the yellow Louisiana iris.


April 18 - morning


Amaryllis 'Ferrari.'


We received 1.5 inches of rain yesterday and it looks like there is more on the way today! Thank goodness! This isn't a drought breaker, but  coming after our recent showers this is going to help the garden tremendously. The only down side is that my organization, AAIM, had a major 'Hands on Housing' repair event planned for today, We are postponing that until next weekend.


Speaking of AAIM, I'd like to invite you to our biggest (and best!) fundraising event ever - the Hope Awards, which will be on Wednesday, May 6. It will be a beautiful evening and the proceeds will help us do our work of building bridges between the faith traditions and harnessing their shared compassion to serve the needs of our vulnerable and voiceless neighbors. Please attend or make a contribution! In this difficult year this fundraiser will make a tremendous difference in the success of AAIM. Our honorees this year include Alan Graham of Mobile Loaves and Fishes; Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, Executive Director of the LBJ Presidential Library (and the most amazing individual I know!); and the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue.




'Victoria Falls' Iris.


April 20 - morning


'Royal Knight' Bearded Iris.


A few pictures from yesterday... what a beautiful day!



More color from our amaryllis.



Yellow Hesperaloe in the evening light.



A Santa Rita prickly pear. This is a pad I cut from the mothership last year.


April 28 - morning


Yucca pallida bloom spike.


Beautiful rain... and it is still coming down! We received about .75 inches of rain yesterday and an occasional downpour over night. Right now it is raining very lightly and it looks like this pattern may hold for a few more days. Some parts of our region received over three inches of rain yesterday including many sites in the Hill Country around the reservoirs that we depend on. I am sure the lakes are looking much better than they were - the levels had dropped so low.


I have some exciting news to share - but I am going to hold onto it for a few more days until all of the T's are crossed - so to speak. Stay tuned. In the meantime... if you have not yet made a reservation for the AAIM Hope Awards please do so!!! This is a critical event for our little organization. Thanks!



Another view.



This is the bloom spike of a Yucca pallida x rupicola hybrid. That is our mama Agave weberii in the background on the right. It is 8' tall!


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