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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- March 2009


Last update -  March 29


Prayer flags and redbud in the evening light.


March 4 - morning


Redbud in bloom.











Redbud blossoms with "Painted Churches" birdhouse made by my Dad.






























Prayer flags.



I loved the way that they looked in this light.












The blooms are gone - but this is our Merrill magnolia with tulips popping up around it.



The Jane magnolias are still going strong.

































A new birdhouse from my Dad.



Agave detail.


March 8 - morning


Daffodil - this is Narcissus St. Keverne. A variety that is supposed to be well suited to Southern gardens. So far, so good.


Intensive gardening time! I am spending every spare moment (a rare commodity) in the garden. Here are a few of the latest images...



A wider view of the narcissus - we planted five different varieties that were sent to me as trial plants from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.



Looking past our redbud to a neighbor's pear tree.




Probably the last pic of the Jane magnolias for this year.



Cautious visitor.



Reason for caution? (aka Fez)


March 9 - morning


St.Keverne Daffodils.


Daffodils always remind me of my childhood growing up in New York - they were one of the signals of spring, often coming up through a blanket of snow.  Such happy flowers (and happy memories!)



In the evening light...



By our driveway.



The allee in morning light.


March 11 - evening


Narcissus Falconet.


Finally! A little rain - and much cooler temperatures. We went from spring to summer and then back to winter all in a few days. With the forecast calling for more rain over the next two days, we stand a chanec of salvaging what was beginning to look like a pretty lean spring. Keep those rain dancin' shoes on!



Another test patch of Narcissus - I love the color combination on Falconet.


March 13 - morning


Shadow - San Miguel de Allende.


Over two inches of rain have fallen since Tuesday and more is predicted for later today and tonight! The cracks that had been appearing in the ground have disappeared and the garden is already responding - when I came home from work last night you could just feel the relief, it was as if the earth was breathing easier. I hate to be greedy, but I hope we get at least another inch of rain today, we have been suffering through one of the worst droughts in memory, perhaps the worst since the 1950's.


On another note, I was playing with some older images from Mexico this week. I re-edited some favorites and discovered a few that I simply had overlooked. Hope you enjoy them...



Another image from San Miguel.



A close-up of the niche above.



The theme here is shadows.



From Patzcuaro.



Morning light - Patzcuaro.



San Miguel shadows and wire.






St. Shadow - scene from a church.



Colors of San Miguel.


March 16 - evening


Agave (hybrid parryi x. neomexicana) with Bluebonnets in the evening light.


A glorious spring day here in Austin. Our rainfall total for last week's rain event was 2.7 inches! Sweet relief, but today it warmed back up to 80 degrees! Just yesterday morning it was chilly and damp. Ahhh, Texas.



The conversation room in the evening.



A little wider view of the agave. That small silver shrub in the background is a new acquisition: Brachyglottis 'Silver Dormouse.' Looks interesting.



'Red Baron' peach blossoms in the morning light.



...and in the evening.



A wide view.



Hank Wadell's 'Treebones' sculpture.



Tulipa clusiana - very tiny - very cute!



Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum with glossy new foliage and bloom.


March 23 - evening


Guadalupe of the bluebonnets.


A hectic few days in the garden with much work and quite a few new plants - especially iris. I'll detail the new plants for you in the coming days. In the meantime, however, here are some more spring color images for your enjoyment!



Our front yard daffodil planting.



Daffodil 'Double Smiles.'




I usually don't like double narcissus - but Double Smiles has a nice form.



'Treebones' and peach trees.






Another detail.





Dianthus 'Firewitch.' One of my all-time favorite plants and a great companion to succulents and other xerics.



Wide view of the back garden.



Colorado lilies.



Another wide view with Anacacho orchid tree and peach trees in bloom.



Hinckley columbines.



Sabal texana, Sabal texensis and peach blossoms.



Dioon edule and heartleaf skullcap.


March 24 - evening


Close-up of our Guadalupe statue in the evening light.


Another beautiful day with a trace of rain and glorious evening light. There is a chance of storms tomorrow and I am hoping for a deep rain.






And more Dianthus.



A wide view over our pond.



The path that forms our primary cross-garden view - looking past the front of the conversation room towards the cave-like space of Possumhaw Hollow.



Our first Pat Austin rose of the season.



And our second.



Bauhinia congesta  - aka Anacacho Orchid Tree.



An apricot bearded iris - a pass-along from Boggy Creek Farm.
































Another view.


Who is that lurking on my bluebonnet?




In our 'Tex Zen' garden.


March 27 - morning


Water liles and dwarf cattail.


We received just over a half-inch of rain in two showers this week and it is drizzling outside right now. The garden is responding to this additional rain and every evening when I get home something new has come into bloom. Here are some images from yesterday...



Another view...



This arrangement with a statue of 'Soledad' is at the terminus of the allee.




A telephoto view of the pond.



'Horse crippler' cactus in bloom.



A "hoop and petticoat" narcissus - 'Golden Bells.'



Blettia ground orchids.



A Gulf Fritillary butterfly just out of its chrysallis.



The view looking out of our circle of possumhaw hollies.



Bluebonnet shadows.



Evening light.



In the conversation room.







White dianthus.



Pink dianthus.


March 29 - evening


'Persian Berry' Bearded Iris - Wow - almost too much!


Another glorious day in the garden - absolutely perfect weather with blue skies, highs in the 60's and 70's - and all of this following a week with .75 inches of rain. Yah!


'Full Eclipse' Louisiana Iris - really breathtaking!



Double Amaryllis.



Apricot bearded iris.































Low angle view of the conversation room.



Our 'Tex Zen' garden with a new "totem" made with recycled bottles - very cool. I picked it up at the Zilker Garden Festival.



A closer view. Available from



Ground orchids.



My morning coffee nook in 'Possumhaw Hollow.'


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