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Thoughts from an Austin Garden  -- February 2009


Last update - February 27


Lesser Goldfinch on our feeding stand


February 11 - morning


The wheel of the seasons turning... a music video from the Fleet Foxes.


February 11 - morning


Finally! Rain! We've had two rain events in twenty four hours, our first deep rain since October. Last night we had a brief deluge that was accompanied by heavy winds and lightning - very spring-like. Mass plantings of daffodils and tulips that we put out this winter are all emerging and one of our deciduous magnolias is already in bloom. Spring is just another turn of the wheel away.



From k d lang - I have been in a musical mood lately.


February 17 - morning


Our two year old Natchez crape myrtle. Can you tell I love pruning these trees?


Just updating with a few new pictures... however, I must add that I am enjoying the sound of a light rain falling on our roof! Many of the images below were taken this weekend when Victor and I gave his sister a whirlwind tour of new Austin architecture. She is an architect from Mexico City and was in town for the Austin Marathon (which she completed in four hours!)



The allee.


My "lesser" friend.



A portion of the downtown skyline which is changing everyday.



The Palmer Events Center.



The Long Center -  I had doubts about this building when when the design was announced, however, it turned out great!



A detail of City Hall - another building that has grown on me.



I LOVE the landscaping of the plaza at city hall.



The 2nd Street pedestrian district - one of my new favorite places in Austin.



A wider view. The building going up will be the city's tallest - 56 stories I believe.


February 24 - evening


An early in the season water lily.


A whole batch of new images for your consideration... some from our garden some from the Benini Sculpture Ranch outside of Johnson City in the Hill Country.



Italian Cypresses and weeping yaupon.



"Jane" Magnolia blossom.





























A little wider.



Another blossom.



And another.



Spring star flowers.




Scilla peruviana.



A titmouse grabbing a sunflower seed. I love these litttle guys!



From the Benini Sculpture Ranch - a monument to St. Pio - the plaque reads "Pray, Hope and Don't Worry." Good advice for these times?



Offerings left for St. Pio.



The "Pod Series" by sculptor, Pete Deise.



Detail of one of the pod sculptures.






























Another Detail.



Shadow calligraphy.



Shadow geometry.



Metal agaves!






























The agave snout weeveil doesn't stand a chance!


February 27 - evening


My favorite flower of all time? Yes, quite possibly.  "Merrill" magnolia. Incredible fragrance and so elegant!


More pics for your perusal - spring hasn't begun and it feels like summer!



Another view of the "Merrill" magnolia blossom!



Magnolia "Jane."






Another close-up of this beautiful deciduous magnolia. Jane is one of the "little girl" magnolias developed at the national arboretum. They are smaller plants, typically growing 10 - 12 feet tall and bloom a little later than most "tulip tree" magnolias.



Our redbud will be at its height this weekend.



Scilla peruviana - a great bulb plant for semi-shade in Austin.



A double flowered form of narcissus.


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