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Kapydokya / Cappadochia

One of the spectacular volcanoes that dominate the Capadocchian landscape. In the foreground, homes are carved into volcanic "tufa" or ashen debris.


 Dwellings carved into the soft volcanic stone - a world famous sight.


Strange formations.





The small indentations are dovecots.


The row of windows and doors almost disappears into this scene.


I was reminded of Utah and the US Desert Southwest!


Dwelling in a "fairy chimney."



A storm gathering in the distance.


Evening colors.


A street scene in Urgyup, the charming small town where we stayed.


A friendly and very curious native (very proud of his bike!)


Kaan Turkyilmaz, one of our guides from the Institute of Interfaith Dialog, checking out the view from one of the "cave" homes.


Eroded landscape.


A wider view.


Dawn in Urgyup.


A fresco - one of many gorgeous medievel Christian frescoes painted on the walls of chapels carved into the stone.

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