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Whirling Dervishes

Dervish "performing / practicing" at a circumcision party we were invited to.

One of the strangest and most wonderful events that we encountered on our journey was a party being thrown for a young (9 year old) boy from one of our host families who was going to be circumcised the next day. These parties are common in Turkey for this rite of passage. We had been traveling all day when we arrived at the party late in the day - the atmosphere was festive and the food was amazing, then, the lights came down and the very talented musical ensemble that had been performing turned up the intesity - slowly a group of men and boys clad in black robes walked out, took off their over cloaks, and started to spin - whirling dervishes! It was amazing, hypnotic and yes, very spiritual. Wow. I had to pinch myself!




Closer still.


Ghost like image.




Everyone was very attentive and respectful.


A physical form of ecstatic meditation.



I hated to use a flash, but did for this shot.


The musicians - incredible performers. Really one of the peak musical moments of my life.


The guest of honor on his throne.


Looking a little anxious?


Party finale.

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