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Our group outside of the home of one of the families that hosted us for dinner - on the Asian side of Istanbul. Our group included: Sonia and Juan Gonzalez, Bill and Susan White, Justin and Kristina Coleman, Kash and Soofia Aleem, Gary Greenlum & Sandi Aitkin, myself, and our guides Yetkin Yildirim and Kaan Turkyilmaz.


Gary Greenblum and Sandi Aitkin on a water taxi taking us across the Bosphorous.


Gary, Sandi, and Marilyn Hill-Henderson who kindly showed us around Istanbul before the formal part of our tour got underway.


Gary of the Golden Horn!


Sandi and Gary on the Aegean.


Yetkin Yildirim and Kaan Turkyilmaz, our amazing hosts, guides, friends, and brothers!


Kaan on horseback in Ephesus / Selcuk.


Gary taking a spin.


Yetkin and Kristina Coleman at a tree planting ceremony in Antalya.


Young perfomer at the tree planting ceremony.


Justin Coleman, Kash Aleem and Sonia Gonzalez.


Our floating...

...disco! Go Bill!


Swimming in Antalya.


Kristina and Justin Coleman.


Yetkin in Kapydokya.


Kaan with his sister, Aysenur, and mother at his home in Ankara.


Susan and Bill White of Arabia (and Austin.)


Kaan, Gary and friends.


Gary, Kash Aleem, and Yetkin in Harran.


Hanging out with Veli in Harran.


Kaan and Yetkin.


Gary and Sandi - ready for that camel ride!?


Kash, Kaan and Bill.


Kash and his sister Soofia Aleem in a beautiful rose garden in Istanbul.


Gary and Sandi.


Juan and Justin stylin' in Istanbul.


Kristina and Justin at the races!


Jumbotron Tom!

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