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Antalya is an ancient port sitting on the Mediterranean. This image begins to capture how beautiful the views from the waterfront are - breathtaking!


Streams spilling into the Mediterranean. This image was take while we were on a short boat excursion.


Another view from the waterfront.


Our "delegation" had a lunch with the Mayor of Antalya - Austin's Sister City in Turkey. An amazing meal with some of the best seafood I have ever had.


Our excursion boat... or should I say, our floating disco?


Some of the guys went swimming under the waterfall and into a cave along the shore.


The old harbor - today a yacht basin.


The old town - very charming.


Hadrian's Gate - built to commemorate the visit of one of Rome's greatest Emperors.


Detail from the gate.


The gate was built into the old town walls.


Antalya is home to an excellent small museum, The Suna - Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum which is housed in a restored Ottoman townhouse and a Greek Orthodox Church. This is one of the courtyards adjoining the church.


A bougainvillea in the courtyard of the museum's townhouse.


Along the side of the restored Greek church.


Our group hits the shops in old town Antalya.


At the Garden of Religions outside of Antalya where there is a church, synagogue, and mosque standing side-by-side.


A detail of the mosque - a beautiful building.


Stained glass in the church.


In the synagogue.


The mithrab of the mosque (the place that indicates the direction of Mecca) in the evening light.


Book stand (for the Koran) with candle and prayer beads in the mosque.


Prayer beads.


The mosque wide.


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