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Images of Japan: Glimpses of Tokyo

Tokyo is, of course, an enormous city and during our brief stay we only experienced a very small portion of its varied sights. Most of the images below come from a day spent in the Asakusa district, famous for the Senso-ji Temple complex,  busy streets, and shopping arcades.


The five story pagoda of the Senso-ji temple.


A planting bed in Senso-ji with azaleas and a boulder.


A wider view.


Banners lining a street.


The pagoda again with carp banners.


In the main building of the temple complex.




A couple posing for their wedding photos.


Temple cats.


Another view.


Purifying ritual.


A shopping arcade that leads from the metro station to the temple.


A Shinto procession through the arcade...




Victor in the Ginza district.

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