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Images of Japan: Shinjuku Gyo-en National Garden

Shinjuku Gyo-en National Garden is located in the heart of Tokyo and offered us the perfect place to rest before our return trip back to Texas. We were fortunate to be there on the last "official" day for cherry blossom viewing and there were still many trees in their full glory. It was especially nice to see the cherry blossom "viewing parties." People gathered on blankets under the trees, recited poetry , and shared meals. Very civilized, very charming, and very Japanese.

The azaleas were coming on just as the cherries were fading.


A couple enjoying the scenery and each other's company.


Ground orchids and spring star flower (two flowers that we have in our garden!)


Getting ready for a picnic.


Blossoms everywhere!


A viewing party.


Several cherry blossom parties going on.


Blossoms and party.


On the run.


A storm of cherry petals.


A lovely, happy day.




A pine tree bordering one of the garden's water features.


A pond filled with petals.


A grove of dawn redwoods (a close relative of bald cypress.)




A woman in traditional dress out enjoying the blossoms.


Another couple.


And another.


Maple silhouette.


Blossoms on blossoms.


Carefully trained tree.


Victor (looking at little too serious!)


Blossoms and trail.


The European section of the garden with an allee of "plane" trees or sycamores.


Good-bye to Japan!


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