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Images of the Seattle Japanese Tea Garden


Wisteria blossoms.


The Seattle Japanese Tea Garden is located in the Washington Park Arboretum just a few minutes by bus or cab from downtown Seattle. It is considered by many to be one of the finest Japanese gardens outside of Japan and I believe it. This small jewel of a garden rewards you at nearly every step with carefully orchestrated views, lush plantings, and exceptional maintenance. The garden is so incredibly well groomed I kept expecting to see Zen monks trimming the pine needles with tiny scissors! I was relieved to see just a few folks who looked like parks department staff or volunteers doing all of the work. If your travel itinerary ever takes you to Seattle, be sure to spend a few hours here enjoying a true taste of the artistry of Japan  (in America.)


Lantern with a moss  "stream bank" and an exquisite Japanese maple.


A stone foot bridge near the entrance.


Looking in the other direction.


A faux stream bank with Japanese iris in bloom.


Where the stream enters the koi pond.


A small tributary stream passes a lantern.


The pond is lined with iris and perfectly pruned pines.


A wider view.


Carefully trained pine tree.


A little wider.


One of the bridges that crosses the pond.


The pond has several islands that are favorite resting places for feathered visitors.


Another bridge done in a very traditional Japanese style.


I wasn't the only visitor enjoying the pond.


A side entrance.


Strolling the grounds.


Don't hurry through the gardens expecting to be "entertained." Sit for a while and let the peace of this place work its magic on you.


My favorite shot - a wisteria covered structure with a "borrowed view" of the arboretum beyond.







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