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Images of Japan: Glimpses of Kyoto


Cradled by mountains on three sides, rich in cultural and historical gems, Kyoto is one of the great destination cities of the world. The following page contains images taken as we wandered through the city on our way to and from some of the great temples and gardens. As with any city,  the quiet back-streets of Kyoto revealed much of its true character... it is here that you really experience Kyoto's gracious soul and citizens.

The Kamo River just to the east of the Imperial Palace grounds. Note the stepping stones, some shaped like turtles.


A narrow street in the Gion district, quiet by day, glowing by night.


An open door in the Gion district reveals a courtyard garden.


Tradional garb in the Gion district.


A cat Jizo.


Geishas in training in the Gion district.


The roof of the Imperial Palace.


Cherry tree on the grounds of the Palace.




Wall with odds and ends embedded in it at the Shoseien Temple and garden.


On the grounds of the Shoseien Temple and garden, Cerntral Kyoto.


A bamboo grove in Arashiyama.


The Katsura River in Arashiyama.

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