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Images of Japan: Imperial Palace Garden of Tokyo

Located at the very heart of the city, the gardens of the Imperial Palace offer a green respite from the rush of Tokyo. We were fortunate to see the azalea gardens near the peak of their bloom - it was quite a sight, perfectly trimmed waves of color on a vast scale. Our hotel was located just outside of the main gates to the Palace grounds.


A beautifully pruned pine tree atop a guard tower.


Stone work detail from the walls.


Just beyond the walls... modern Tokyo awaits.


A wide view showing cherry trees in bloom and the city beyond.


Enjoying the blooms.


Drifts of petals.


Glimpse of the city.


Iris in bloom.


Azaleas and supported pine.


The azalea beds.


I love the effect of the mixed colors.


This seems so far  away from the metropolis beyond the trees.


More azaleas.



Solid colors.



A wide view.


Victor relaxing on a bench.


Their own private oasis.




A wide view, the iris not quite in bloom.


The view from our hotel room!


A little closer.

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