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Images of the Hudson Valley


Orchard Place in Fishkill, New York, was the small street that practically ran into the driveway of my childhood home. The field in the foreground was where the children of my neighborhood rode our sleds, played football and baseball, and flew our kites. The mountains in the distance make up the "Fishkill Ridge." (Fishkill means fish creek in Dutch.)


I recently returned to the Hudson River Valley, where I grew up, to take images for my upcoming book, Where Wonder Was Born.  I needed pictures of snow and tried to time my trip to follow a storm. Well, it turned out to be the heaviest snowfall in nearly twenty years and my little hometown was at the epicenter of what they were calling a "snowicane." Over two feet of heavy wet snow fell just two days before I arrived. Perfect for me - but many folks were without power for almost a week. It was great being back in the region and I am planning a second trip for the height of spring. Hope you enjoy the images!


An unobstructed view of the field and mountains. The old farmhouse in the foreground was rumored to have been a way station on the underground rail road before the Civil War.


The Fishkill Ridge. There is now a trail system that runs its length.


Another view of the field - this was our sledding path.


Kids will be kids... a snowman in the field.


Waves of deep snow.


Evening light in the field.




A sturdy old stone wall at the base of the field.


From deep in the woods near my childhood home. This was taken in a swamp that was the site of one the scariest experiences of my childhood... getting lost in the woods at night during a snow storm.


The swamp - buried under two feet of snow and ice.


Main Street - Fishkill. A handsome little town.


My elementary school.


The Dutch Reformed Church on Main Street. Built prior to the Revolutionary War, it served as a meeting place for revolutionary leaders and  was used for a variety of other purposes during the war. Fishkill was one of the primary supply depots and garrisons for the Revolutionary Army.


Tombstone in the church yard with Dutch writing... "Here lies be-grieved..."


The old Catholic Church in Fishkill. My Grandmother's funeral Mass was held here.


A pre-Civil War Methodist Church in Wiccoppee, New York.


Snowy barn.


Spruce and the Fishkill Range.


Old stone wall.


North of Millbrook, NY.


Red barns are common throughout the region and were a favorite subject for me.



My favorite image from the trip. From the "horse country" north of Millbrook.


An island in the snow.


Horse farm.


Lost horizon.


Near Amenia, NY.




Lone tree.






Evening light.


Stone walls - another favorite subject. This one was simply gorgeous!




Roadside boulder.



Birch bark.


Another artful stone wall.


The tombstone of Gottlob Buettner - a missionary to the Mohican Indians in the early 18th century.


Simply beautiful - near Amenia.


Blue evening glow.


Pond ice.


Near Millbrook, NY.


Catskills in the morning light (as seen looking across the Hudson Valley from the Taconic Parkway.)


An old mill near Hudson, NY.




Near Tivoli, NY, with a view across the river to the Catskills.


Catskill peak / apple branches.


Apple branch.




The Rip Van Winkle bridge over the Hudson and the Catskills - near Woodstock.


Riverside home.




The view from Olana - the home of Frederic Edwin Church, the founder of the "Hudson River School " of painters.


Bent wood fence and bench at Olana.


Riverside village.


Hudson evening.




Green barn.


On the heels of the blizzard.


Roadside view when I first arrived in Dutchess County.


The performing Arts Center at Bard College in northern Dutchess County. Designed by Frank Gehry. Wild. I enjoyed it much more than his "Experience" building in Seattle.


Building detail.






Columbia County, NY near the Massachusetts border.


Just over the state line - Mt. Washington, Massachusetts.


Birch tree.


Barn and birch.


Another favorite image. From Massachusetts.


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