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Images by Diana Hoffman

Several years ago I visited my sister, Diana, who lives with her husband in North Dakota. We spent several days traveling around the state visiting parks and prairies taking photographs. I had a marvelous time. Diana was very inspired by the experience and following my visit she dove into photography with amazing energy. Since then, her photographs have won local and statewide honors and I think you'll see why. Below you will find a gallery of her images that have inspired me!

- Tom Spencer


Geese along the Missouri River.


Gorgeous reflections.


The Missouri River is a favorite subject. (As is ice!)




The bottomlands along the Missouri.


A frosty barn.


A busy sandbar.


Glowing cottonwood.s


And another.




Geese in flight.


A frosty morning.


And another.


Bald eagles - another favorite subject.




A great horned owl.




An amazing autumn scene.


Another glowing morning.


Emerging from the mist...


...a bridge of fire.


Water dance.


Winter morning.


Fox kit.


Garden visitor.


My sister! Thanks, Diana!

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