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Images of Amsterdam

Statue in one of the main public squares of Amsterdam.

Coming back home from Turkey in June of 2009 I had an overnight stop in Amsterdam. I arrived late in the day and immediately rushed into the city to stroll around the famous canal rings. The following images were all taken within the space of about an hour and a half. Normally, I would fill in this page with a lot of comments about the particulars of what you are seeing - however, in this case, my visit was less than carefully planned and I just allowed myself to get lost. As a result, I can't add a lot of detailed commentary except to say that most of these pictures came from the areas known as the "western" and "central" canal rings.  Despite the fact that I really can't ID most of the exact locations, I am pleased with the images and hope you enjoy this quick spin around the very charming city of Amsterdam.


I believe that is the Westerkerk in the distance.


Typical architecture.


The Westerkerk again.


Beautiful light. (And check out the wooden shoe boat on the right!)


Very charming.






A tour boat passing underneath a bridge.




Flowers growing in a planter that was on one of the canal bridges.


Bikes everywhere - the symbol of Amsterdam.


A very cool antique shop window in the evening light.


Another view.


Alternative transit.


Alternative housing.


Hey! Hang up and ride!


A nice way to see the city.


I think that is the Krijtberg Church in the distance.


A tranquil scene.


Canal-side cafe.





Near the central train station.

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